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On July 9th 2014, Action for Children celebrated 145 years of supporting the UK's most vulnerable children. This film takes a look at how the charity began and how it's developed over the past 145 years.



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Our services are part of Northumberland County Councils Sure Start Children's Centres and these particular Children's Centres are managed by Action for Children.

Some of our services offered include:
• Early education with full day care, including provision for children with special educational needs and or disabilities
• Parental outreach
• Family support, including support for parents with special needs
• Health Services
• Links with out-of-school clubs, Children's Information Services
• A base for childminders
• A service hub within the community for parents and providers of childcare services
• Links with Jobcentre Plus and training providers

We hope you find our website helpful and if you need any further information don't hesitate to contact us by emailing: nessa@actionforchildren.org.uk or click on the feedback option at the top of the page.

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Children's Centre

Children's Centre

Children's Centre

 Newbiggin & Lynemouth Children's Centre

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